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Indian metropolises always, as yet without exception, fall into the brackets of moderation. The cities strike an enviable balance between the past, present and the future, and have something for all, regardless of their social or economic background. And cinema halls, one of the few venues of entertainment that captures the interest of those who seek the comfort of a routine life, and cater to the insatiable demands of bouncing off the walls individuals, stand as the major attractions of any urban conglomerate. And Kolkata is no exception.

With the spending capacity of urban dwellers on an uphill road, the demand for luxurious entertainment has also been yanked onto the same street. Multiplexes fall smack-center in the middle of pampering recreation.

INOX, one of India’s leading cinema hall chains, has set up 4 multiplexes to cater to haytheatre.com Kolkatans, whose appetite for movies is equivalent to a bottomless well. INOX has strategically extended its reach over a better part of the sprawling city, with one multiplex each set up in Rajarhat, in Salt Lake City, on Elgin Road and in Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad Sarani. All the 4 multiplexes are a one-stop-shop package as they are located in premier malls in the city, giving them an edge over other multiplexes in the city.

Salt Lake City, a satellite city that houses a sizable chunk of Kolkata’s IT industries, boasts of numerous multiplexes including RDB Big Cinemas and 89 Cinemas. 89 Cinemas comprises 4 auditoriums that are equipped with Dolby Digital sound systems, a cine club, a gaming arcade and restaurants. Adding to the appeal of the place is the ample parking space available, and the online and tele-ticketing systems ensure a hassle free booking procedure. This multiplex is also known as 89 Cinemas, Swabhumi.

Encouraged by the success story scripted by 89 Cinemas, Swabhumi, the franchisor launched another multiplex named Dreamplex in City Center, Durgapur. Dreamplex is home to 3 screens and modern amenities that have movie buffs frequenting it.

Globe Cinema, situated on Lindsay street, is one of the most popular venues for catching movies in Kolkata. Situated alongside the bustling streets of the New Market that are trodden by those with an open wallet, Globe Cinema offers respite to hoarse shoppers and worn out wallets. With 4 screens on which fiction is illustrated to the accompaniment of the audio blaring from powerful systems, a bar and a restaurant, the multiplex caters to all sections of the society.

Esplanade, the commercial hub of the city, is where Metro Cinema, a popular haunt of Kolkatans, is situated. The multiplex is reputed for screening the latest releases and blockbusters. The eateries, restaurants and shops dotting the region surrounding the cinema hall add to the allure of the theatre.

Embracing the multiplex culture, Lighthouse Cinema – one of cities oldest cinemas – was revamped in 2002. What was once a huge auditorium with a seating capacity of 1,200, was, lo and behold, transformed into a 2-tier multiplex a superior screen and a food court on the 1st floor, and a bowling alley and an ice-skating rink on the ground floor.

Listed above are but a fraction of the 30-odd Kolkata cinema halls that cater to the insatiable Kolkatan demand for fantasy. With the managements of talkies waking up to the benefits of multiplexes, one may expect to witness the mushrooming of the industry in the near future.

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